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It is really great to have pets. They are always there to accompany you whenever you feel sad or happy. Of course, with all the love you shower them, they would return it in their own little way. Pets also have problems of their own and it is the duty of their owners to help them solve it. One example is having fleas. Fleas can cause sickness to your pet and it is imperative that you do something to eradicate the flea infestations. For this reason vets prescribe Advantage.

The thing that makes Advantage work is Imidacloprid. This is an insecticidal agent that penetrates the central nervous system of the insects. This would lead to the insects’ slow, painful death. This medication is long lasting which could continue to protect your pets for 30 days even though you have bathed them. But remember to avoid shampooing your pet within 48 hours of application. The numbers say that almost 100% of fleas die within 12 hours after applying the medication. Those fleas which dare to come back on your pet dies two hours later. It can also treat cheyletiellosis or walking dandruff mite in both cats and dogs.

Generally speaking, Advantage is very safe and effective but may still cause some side effects on other animals. This medication must not be used on pets that are hypersensitive or have allergy to the ingredients of the drug. This must not be also used if your pet is pregnant or nursing. It is also not recommended to use for kittens that are younger than 8 weeks old or puppies that are 7 weeks old or younger. If you are using other medications for your pet, ask first your veterinarian if it is alright to use this flea-killer together with your pet’s current medication.

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