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Colcrys drug description and what Colcrys is used to treat

Colcrys has been used as a treatment for gout, a sickness characterized with severely inflamed joints .This medication comes from plant extraction genus called “meadow saffron” or Colchicum autumnale. It is an urisoric agent which means that it can be able to affect how the body responds to the crystals of the uric acid. It is important to note that Colcrys is not seen as a treatment gouty arthritis. The physician should be contacted prior to using the medication. It is important that a health care provider should be contacted before using this drug so as to make sure that there will be no complications.

Aside from being known with its cathartic and emetic effects per prescription, it is also branded to treat familial Mediterranean fever-a condition linked with genetics, flares especially for adults and the dreaded Behcets syndrome symptoms that is usually coupled with inflammation or swelling of the skin, tingling pain and feeling of warmth and redness. With the innumerable sickness that people mostly acquire from the environment (part of it is genetic according to study) and unhealthy lifestyles and activities that they are involved in, it is but up to keep an eye of the possible treatments and an intelligent decision to seek for medical advice. For one, the decade-old incurable cancer issue. Fortunately, series of investigations are now being conducted to test its capability as an anti-cancer.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the issuance of this drug as a medication along with the combination of probenecid in 1982. By the year 2009, Colcrys, the only brand name for Colcrys has been approved by FDA. The said organization holds a tight grip in the implementation and distribution of the drug. Like any other oral drug of its kind, colchicines can’t be bought without any prescription from the doctor, any recommendation in terms of dosage or sealed with an FDA-approved seal.

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