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Prilocaine, Lidocaine
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Prilocaine, Lidocaine
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The product Emla is used for the following reasons for people

EMLA Cream works by disabling the nerve’s ability to send pain signals to the brain making it a perfect drug for patients who are experiencing pain from normal skin or any form of numbing skin pain that usually originates from surgeries and injections. This is commonly used by doctors on their patient as an aesthesia due to the fact that the combination of its local aesthetic are pretty much indicated to be dermal anaesthesia namely; Lidocaine and Prilocaine.

In using this product, you must have a disinfected hand and the area that needs application must be clean and disinfected as well. After the application of the cream, you need to wash your hand to avoid unnecessary application on certain areas that doesn’t need any treatment but don not wash your hand if it’s the one you are treating. After its application the doctor or you can put a dressing to cover up and act as a protective layer for this medication. Besides for having the cream form, there is also one that comes as a patch. This one can be placed in your skin prior to any medical procedure you would go through.

The EMLA Cream is also used and applied before the applying of tattoos and undergoing laser hair removals for this drug lessens the pain the patient or the individual would go through.

If you order many stocks of EMLA Cream and got a discount, you must store those supplies somewhere out of reach of children and pets. Also the product must be kept on a tightly closed container must be place somewhere with no moisture, heat or direct light.

This drug is must be applied responsibly and remember not to inflict any damage to the area while it is being treated for the nerves lose their capability to send signal leaving us unable to feel any sensation from that area of our body.

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