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Entex LA
Pseudoephedrine (Pseudoephedrine Hydrochloride), Guaifenesin
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The product Entex-LA is used for the following reasons for people

Entex LA, also known as Pseudoephedrine, is a decongestant recommended for people who are experiencing nasal and sinus congestion or any congestion of tubes that drains fluid from your inner ears, known as Eustachian tubes. This drug is use to give relief for cough and congestions that originates from allergies, common colds and other breathing complications.

If you buy and use Entex LA in its capsule form, it should be accompanied by a full glass of water and when taken in, must not be crushed, chewed or broken but instead must be swallowed full. Now if you purchase the tablet then you don’t need to break this into half if your doctor doesn’t tell you to. The use of oral suspension requires an accurate measure of dosage; to do this you need a medicine cup or spoon that you can avail on any pharmacy. Before taking in the liquid solution, you need to shake the bottle first to liven up the medicine. This is to ensure that those elements that are sunken below are mixed and will be present in your dosage intake.

Remember to accompany this drug with lots of liquid. Liquids tend to eliminate mucus build-ups in your system at the same time relieving congestion. After using the medicine remember to store it in a place away from moist, heat and direct light. Also, keep it away from children’s reach to avoid any misuse of this product. Customers who buy Entex LA always find improvement in their condition in just a matter of time.

Just like any drugs, this medicine can cause certain side effect. If this happens, kindly consult your doctor about it. Note that if you use this for a week and still there’s no improvement, you must consult your doctor about it. This goes the same for those who are experiencing allergic reactions.

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