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Insulins are a group of antidiabetic medications which works by controlling blood sugar levels of diabetic patients. This medication is normally a part of a complete treatment program for diabetes. This medication is altogether with other treatments such as dental care, weight control, eye care, diet, exercise and blood sugar testing.

There is no standard or average insulin dose which is applicable to all patients. The dose is determined according to several factors such as your blood sugar levels before and after meals, carbohydrate content of your food, your blood sugar goals, other drugs you are taking and other medical conditions that you have. The best dose for you depends on the situation you are in and the factors mentioned above.

There are possible side effects in using this medication. You may have low blood sugar levels or hypoglycaemia if you take too much of this treatment. You may also experience having high blood sugar levels or hyperglycaemia when you take too little of insulins. You may also notice a skin reaction or skin thickening on the area of the skin injected. Insulin use may also cause you to gain weight.

There may be drug interaction between insulins and drugs that are associated with blood sugar levels. A drug interaction which heightens blood sugar levels may not be dangerous if treated. However, if it causes hypoglycaemia it can result to life-threatening complications. Among the medicines which may dangerously decrease blood sugar includes Antiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors or ACE inhibitors. Beta blockers, Fibrate cholesterol drugs, Monoamine oxidase inhibitors (MAOIs), Oral diabetes drugs, salicylates, and Sulfonamide antibiotics and substances such as alcohol.

Before taking this medication make sure to tell your health provider if you have any medical condition such as vision problems, kidney disease and liver disease. You must also discuss with the doctor all matters concerning insulin use and pregnancy or breastfeeding.

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