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Lotronex drug description and what Lotronex is used to treat

Lotronex is a medicine used by women with chronic irritable bowel syndrome. This medicine is proven to be ineffective to men though with IBS. Taking this medicine involves some risk thus it is one of the drugs under Prometheus Prescribing Program. Under this program, patients sign an agreement saying they are aware of the possible side effects and risk of taking this medicine. Common risks associated with this medicine are stomach and intestine problems. This medicine can cause ischemic colitis or severe constipation.

If you get constipated while on these medication and starts seeing bloody stool, then it is time to check back with your doctor. This medicine should work within four weeks, if nothing changed with your current health condition, then stop taking it and ask your doctor for possible change of treatment. Follow your doctor’s prescription all the time. Don’t take less or more of what is prescribed to you. If you will buy it over the counter, read the label carefully and follow the instructions on how to use it safely. Since it is under category B under FDA’s list it is not proven to be harmful to unborn babies thus you can still use it even if you are pregnant.

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