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Lunesta drug description and what Lunesta is used to treat

Lunesta is a medicine used to treat insomnia. This medicine works by helping the body and the brain relax to be able to sleep. This medicine can cause possible allergic reactions. Allergic reactions caused by this medicine can be characterised by skin allergy like hives, swelling of the face, tongue and lips or the throat. If you are going to take this medicine, make sure you don’t have any other activities online like driving and working. This drug can make you sleep for 8 straight hours. If you notice that you are having problem remembering your last activity before falling sleep, tell your doctor about it.

There are users who feel sleepy even after full 8 hours of sleep. Observe and check how it affects you in the morning or during your waking hours. Avoid taking alcohol while on this treatment. Taking alcohol in your system can increase drowsiness. Don’t use it for a long period of time or without prescription. Other users find it hard to kick off the habit and find a harder time sleeping without Lunesta. Don’t offer this drug to friends with same symptoms like you. Always ask a doctor if you are increasing your dosage during treatment.

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