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The product Nizoral is used for the following reasons for people

Nizoral is a synthetic broad-spectrum antifungal drug that is recommended to be used by patients who are having infections that are mostly caused by fungus that commonly occurs within the mouth, throat, lungs, skin and bladder area. It does its job by preventing any growth of fungi by stalling or completely blocking the production of the membranes which happens to be near the fungal cells.

To accommodate a wide array of needs, this particular drug comes in different forms, patterned to different fungal infected areas. It’s available for purchase as a shampoo, cream, foam and tablet.

Note that only the Nizoral in tablet form must be taken in orally, other than that, the medicine will just be applied externally on the areas affected. To apply it effectively on the skin affected, you need to make sure that the area is clean and dry before the application. You need to apply this at least twice a day or how your doctor tells you to. As for the tablet, of course you need to swallow it together with at least a glass of water. This can be taken in with or without food. Note that the maximum dosage of this is 200 – 400mg daily.

To be exact, adults who are experiencing less severe infections will have to take a single 200 mg tablet of Nizoral a day and for those with more serious infection, will have to take it twice. Now, there’s a lower dosage available for children to take, this is the 3.3 mg. Again, for less severe, it’s once a day with a 3.3 mg tablet and for those more serious infection, the intake will have to twice a day and still, 3.3 mg of Nizoral.
If the condition didn’t improve or worsens in a reasonable period of time, please consult your doctor.

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