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Cyproterone Acetate
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Cyproterone Acetate
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Androcur drug description and what Androcur is used to treat

Androcur is a form of hormonal therapy used to cure prostate cancer. Hormones are substances formed in the body naturally. Hormonal therapies hinder with the production or deeds of certain body hormones. Hormones at times act as chemical messengers and aid to regulate the cells and organs activities.

Quite a number of patients with prostate cancer require provision of testosterone hormone to nurture. The adrenal glands and testes produce testosterone hormone. Cells of prostate cancer contain proteins commonly referred to as receptors that sex hormones connect to. Testosterone helps in the connection of these receptors therefore enhancing the growth of cancer cells. Cyproterone Acetate and testosterone structures are the same. Its role is to prevent the attachment of testosterone to the receptors. In testosterones absence, Cancer cells stop growing which further leads in the cancers size to shrink.

Androcur is a tablet normally taken twice or thrice a day. Pharmacists recommend that it should be taken with a full glass of water after meals and also the dose should be equally spaced throughout the day.
If other treatments like the surgery are not appropriate, Androcur may given on its own to cure prostate cancer. It is also significant in the tumor flare prevention which is an increase in signs which often takes place when other therapy drugs commonly known as LHRH analogues are used in the treatments of prostate cancer. LHRN analogues can cause the level of testosterone to increase in the first few days of treatments. This will further result to impermanent increase in particular signs such as for instance pain of the bone or urine passing difficulties. Androcur blocks these symptoms from taking place and also helps in the reduction of hot flushes in men who are suffering from LHRN analogues or those that their testicles has been removed as a necessity of their treatment.

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