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Levaquin drug description and what Levaquin is used to treat

Levaquin belongs to fluoroquinolones which is a group of antibiotics. This drug fights bacteria in body.
Indications and usage:
Levaquin is used to fight bacterial infections in kidney, prostate, skin, bladder and during sinuses. It is also used to cure infections during bronchitis, anthrax and pneumonia.
This medicine can be prescribed by a medical specialist for treating several other infections other than those mentioned here.
Contraindications : Contraindications are the medical conditions where the presence of any medical condition may behold the use of any medication.
You should not use this drug if you have any neuromuscular disorder or myasthenia gravis.
If a person is allergic to any Levaquin or any ingredient present in this drug, he should inform doctor and never take this drug.
Before taking any prescription medicine it is always important to inform the concerned doctor about your medical condition, drugs which you take-prescription or non-prescription and you are allergic to any particular drug or ingredient.
Before taking Levaquin, tell your doctor if you have any of these medical complications:
• Kidney or liver disease
• Any severe heart problem
• Joint problem
• Hypersensitivity towards any antibiotic
• Seizures
• Diabetes
• Low potassium level in blood
• Any autoimmune disorder
• Muscle weakness or breathing difficulties

Note: Levaquin may cause some swelling or tearing of tendon especially in people aged 60 or above and patients who have any liver or kidney ailment. Inform doctor if you have any such symptoms in tendons while using Levaquin during such clinical conditions.
Pregnancy and breastfeeding:
To avoid any risk and complications of this drug on unborn child, it is important for pregnant ladies to consult doctor before using this drug. Similarly for women who are planning to conceive, they should consult doctor if they can use this drug safely.
For breastfeeding mothers it is not recommended to use Levaquin as this drug can pass through breast milk and may harm the nursing baby.

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