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Medication for the treatment of moderate to severe Alzheimers disease like Namenda can sometimes be very expensive especially if you buy Namenda from your local drug store. That is why a lot of people are looking for cheap Namenda online to save money. Prescription drugs like Namenda, are expensive in the U.S.A as compared to making purchase of Namenda from Canada this is because in Canada, the prices for medicines are properly regulated and to prevent manufacturers from over pricing their products, they are not allowed to do intensive marketing advertisements in Canada. Our online pharmacy is based in Canada that is why we can offer cheap Namenda to our customers but despite the fact that the price of Namenda in our pharmacy is relatively cheaper compared to your local drugstores, it doesn’t mean that the cheap Namenda that you will get from our pharmacy is substantial. We sell Namenda that are authentic and so are the other medicines that we have.

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Namenda drug description and what Namenda is used to treat

Namenda is used for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease. This drug alters the actions of chemicals which cause this disorder in brain. These chemicals contribute to the symptoms of Alzheimer’s in such patients. Namenda also cures moderate to severe type of dementia. It may be used for some other conditions by a health professional.

Precautions while you take Namenda:
Tell your doctor if you have stroke, seizure, allergy towards any drug, liver or kidney disease before you take Namenda. Namenda should not be prescribed to people who have allergy towards Memantine. Be careful during driving or doing any activity which requires attention. The side effects of this drug can impair thinking and concentration. Namenda does not cause any harmful effect on foetus during pregnancy. However you should first consult doctor before taking this drug during pregnancy.

Before you take Namenda tell your doctor if you have:
• Liver disease
• Kidney disorder
• Seizure or convulsions
• Allergy towards Memantine
• Cataracts

Take Namenda as prescribed by doctor. Do not take this medicine in larger doses or for longer time than prescribed. Follow the guidelines given in the prescription label. The oral form of this medicine comes along with a patient guideline booklet. Follow the instructions given in the booklet. The oral syringe should be washed and dried regularly. Keep the bottle cap of oral Namenda intact after every use. Swallow Namenda XR capsules with water or some pudding for easy swallowing. Do not crush the pellets of the capsule.

Proper monitoring of the effects of this drug is important. Go for routine checkups. Do not miss appointments. Store this medicine away from direct heat and moisture. Be careful while driving when you take this medicine. Any activity which requires concentration should be avoided while taking Namenda. Intake of alcohol should be avoided while you take this medicine. Overdose of namenda can produce some adverse symptoms like hallucinations, convulsions, and drowsiness. Call doctor if overdose of this medicine has occurred.

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