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Quinine Sulfate
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Quinine Sulfate
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Quinine drug description and what Quinine is used to treat

Qualaquin is a drug having a generic name of Quinine –a drug used to cure malaria. Malaria is a parasitic infection caused by a bite from a female anopheles mosquito that serves as a vector for parasitic transfer. The microorganism that gives rise to this infection is the plasmodium species. This is common on highly forested areas.
The treatment regimen given by physicians would depend on the type of malaria which causes the disease. Each malarial species has variable degrees of severity and virulence.

Qualaquin may be used in combination with other antibiotic to treat severe forms of malaria.
Doctor’s consultation and advice is needed before the intake of this drug. Do not use this drug other than for what purpose it is recommended by your physician.

Other people may have used quinine for night leg cramps and should not be used for such purpose because this has no therapeutic claims.

Qualaquin should only be taken for treatment and not for preventive measures. Improvement from symptoms should be apparent after 48 hours of taking the drug. If symptoms persist, check with your healthcare provider.
Take the drug with food, especially if gastric irritation is felt. Follow the dosage schedule strictly and the duration of time when to stop taking the medication. By not finishing the course of therapy causes drug resistance to the offending microorganism to be killed on the next use of this medication. Stopping the medication earlier because of improved symptoms may not totally eradicate the infection and risks for recurrence on a severe form may happen.

Missing a dose shouldn’t be a problem, as soon as remembered, take the drug right away but if it reached a length of 4 hours and it is near to the next dose of the drug, just wait for the next dose and no longer take the missed dose.

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