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Oseltamivir (Oseltamivir Phosphate)
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Tamiflu drug description and what Tamiflu is used to treat

Tamiflu is essential in the treatment of symptoms that’s usually caused by flu virus. It helps in lessening the severe symptoms and even shortens the recovery period within 2days. The symptoms include cough, stuffy nose, sore throat, acne, fever, aches, chills and tiredness. Sometimes it can be very helpful in the prevention of flu if there is an outbreak of flu in the society or even if you have been exposed to an individual suffering from flu. It is also works by discontinuing the growth of flu virus; however you should note that it has never been a substitute for flu vaccine.

Before taking the medication of Tamiflu inform your healthcare professional if you suffer from the following conditions kidney problems, respiratory diseases, heart diseases, or any other serious health conditions. Remember to mention if you are pregnant, breast feeding or you have allergic reactions.

Medical research has verified that individuals with flu, especially younger adults and adolescents may be at an increased risk for confusion, abnormal behavior and seizures in most cases whenever they get sick. Despite the fact that these events are rare you should be very cautious since they lead to accident injury.

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