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Tapazole drug description and what Tapazole is used to treat

Tapazole is used to prevent the secretion of excessive thyroid hormone from thyroid gland. The clinical uses of this drug are:
• Treatment of Hyperthyroidism
• It is used before surgery of thyroid gland or in the radioactive iodine treatment.
There can be other uses of the drug as prescribed by a health professional.

Important Information before using the medication:
There are some facts which one should be informed of before using the drug. Due to various risks and complications involved with the usage of the medication during pregnancy, this drug should not be prescribed to pregnant women. If you are pregnant or planning for a baby, you should inform your doctor before he prescribes this drug to you. Do not take this drug if you are breastfeeding your child. The drug can pass through breast milk and harm the nursing child.
If you are going for a surgery or have undergone a surgery, you should not take Tapazole. This drug can increase the chances of bleeding in such patients. The drug lowers the cells which fight infection in body. This increases the risk of bleeding even with a small incision. While you are on medication with this drug you may need to go for regular checks to monitor the changes in your body due to the effect of this drug. You should inform your doctor before the start of the treatment with the medication.
Do not get in contact with anyone who has undergone ‘live’ vaccination. There are high chances of getting infection from the transmission of that virus. Sometimes it is seen that the symptoms start disappearing within few days of the treatment. You should not discontinue your medicine unless your doctor asks you to stop it.

Precautions while taking Tapazole:
You should tell your health provider if you have any of these conditions:
• Allergy towards methimazole containing drug.
• Liver disease.
• Blood disorder
• Immunity disorder.

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