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Zithromax drug description and what Zithromax is used to treat

Related with antibiotic erythromycin, Zithromax is widely used for treating bacterial infections. This drug belongs to the category of macrolide antibiotics.
Indications and uses of Zithromax:
The main uses of this drug are for curing bacterial infections in kidney, skin, ear infections and sexually transmitted infections.
Using Zithromax:
You should follow the instructions given in the prescription. You should ask doctor or pharmacist if you are not able to understand anything given in the prescription leaflet. One can take the liquid form of this drug by mixing it with water. Measure the doses properly using only a dose measuring spoon. Ask doctor or pharmacist if you do not have dose measuring spoon.
Side effects of Zithromax:
All medicines have two effects-effects and side effects. Effects are the desired effects of a drug while side effects are the most undesired effects of a particular drug. These side effects may be mild or less serious and also serious which require one to seek emergency medical help. One should always ask doctor about the probable side effects of Zithromax so that those side effects can be easily recognised when they occur.
Stop using the drug and report doctor immediately if you have any of the given below side effects associated with the use of Zithromax:
• Allergic reaction (of severe rashes, swelling on lips or tongue, difficulty to breathe)
• Severe diarrhoea
• Chest pain
• Uneven heartbeats
• Starry stools
• Severe Nausea or vomiting
• Blistering or peeling of skin

Mild side effects of Zithromax:
Many patients experience less serious or mild side effects such as mild nausea or vomiting, dizziness or drowsiness, vaginal itching or discharge, decreased activity of sense organs such as taste. These are less serious effects which generally go away after some time.
However you should inform doctor if any of these mild symptoms get worse or become bothersome.

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