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Is your dog suffering from a flea infestation but you can’t afford to buy expensive Revolution? Our online pharmacy is the right place for you; we sell Revolution and other over the counter drugs all at affordable prices. We have acquired Revolution from veterinary drug manufacturers; that have been given FDA approval to manufacture safe to use, low cost Revolution; in countries like Canada, Europe and India. Rest assured that when you buy Revolution from us online, your pet will be benefiting from quality, effective, low cost Revolution. You may speak to our friendly pharmacists directly and they will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have regarding low cost Revolution. You may call them with your Revolution concerns through our Toll Free hotline number listed above or chat with them live through our online chat support. Shipping costs and delivery time of your Revolution order will be calculated at the end of your Revolution order process.

Revolution drug description and what Revolution is used to treat

Parasites in animals can affect them because they will surely look malnourished. The Revolution parasiticide is a topical medication that is used for various parasites in both dogs and cats. But, pet owners need to know the age of their pets which can already receive this medication for parasites.

Dogs need to be six weeks or older before they will be allowed to use this topical medication. Meanwhile, cats should be eight weeks or two months old or older so that they can receive the treatment against parasites. It has been proven in trials and studies that Revolution is capable of killing adult fleas and at the same time preventing the parasite’s eggs to hatch for a month. Additionally, it can control and treat ear mite and tick infestations in both cats and dogs.

For cats, this parasiticide can also be used in the control and treatment of infection caused by intestinal hookworm or Ancylostoma tubaeforme and roundworm or Toxocara cati. Because this is clearly indicated for animal use only, no one should use it even for topical medication in humans. This is because Revolution can cause irritation to both the eyes and skin in humans and some adverse reactions could be felt. These include itching, skin redness and hives which have been reported as rare cases in humans. Also, if you are sensitive to some ingredients of Revolution, then you should check with a health professional to discuss this situation. Two active ingredients of this medication are butylated hydroxytoluene (BHT) and isopropyl alcohol, so if you are allergic to any of these, you should not touch it. Just ask someone to apply the medication on your pet.

Controlling parasites in pets can do wonders to your pet, so you should know the symptoms to identify if parasites have been attacking your pet.

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