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Suboxone drug description and what Suboxone is used to treat

Suboxone is a special type of medicine that is put under the tongue of a patient to provide remedy to opiate dependence. It works by suppressing the dependence created by opioids like those inherent in morphine, heroin and also codeine. Its effect is to create effects of withdrawal symptoms in patients with opium addiction. The dosage allowed to be used must be based on the discretion of the attending physician. It is allowed to dissolve under the tongue which could take at least 2 minutes. The tablet must not be chewed as it may not become effective if chewed.

Suboxone must be taken only when specifically directed by the attending physician. If not used properly, it may cause overdose that can lead to death. This medicine can also cause dependence and this is possible if it is suddenly stopped without the advice of the prescribing doctor. While under this medicine, some degree of mental and physical alertness is lessened. It is important not to perform tasks that will require alertness so as to prevent possible injury. Some patients may not be allowed to take this medicine and this refers to those who are allergic to naloxone, or any properties present to this medicine.

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