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Syringes are medical devices used to inject drugs or vaccines to the body as well as extract fluids or blood from it. A Syringe is typically made of plastic and is composed of a cylinder, plunger and needle. There are many uses such as insulin injection to diabetic patients and injection for anesthesia administered by dentists. Syringes are normally used by medical professionals in administering certain medicines.There are two kinds of this device, one is reusable and the other one is disposable. Disposable Syringes are often preferred since using reusable Syringes increases transmission of diseases from one person to another. Reusable devices are however safe if used exclusively by one person.

Generally, there are four types of devices namely the Insulin devices, Tuberculin devices, Medical devices and Glass devices.Insulin devices are used by diabetics for insulin injection. These patients normally administer the insulin on their own at injection sites located typically at the abdomen or thigh. Insulin syringe usually has a half-inch size needle attached to it and can hold 1 cc of liquid.Tuberculin devices are intended for the administration of Tuberculosis tests. Tuberculin syringe can hold a small amount of 1 cc and does not normally have a needle attached to it. This syringe type can be used to measure small amounts of liquid.

Medical devices are the type which has two types of tips, one is Luer-lock type and the other one is Cath-tip. The sizes of Medical devices range from 3 cc to 120 cc. The types of medical Syringes are needleless syringe, safety syringe and nasal syringe.Glass devices are the expensive type and which are used when a medicine is incompatible with plastic devices. The sizes of Glass devices range from 1 cc to 120 cc. The advantage of this syringe type is that it can be sterilized and reused.

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