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Tikosyn is a medication intended to correct and stabilize heart rhythm. This type of drug is also called an antiarrhythmic. It is administered to helps\ keep the heart beating normally in people with specific heart rhythm disorders of the upper chambers of the heart that allow blood to flow into the heart. It is commonly prescribed to people with atrial fibrillation or atrial flutter.

Tikosyn can also be employed to prevent certain types of chest pain and it is thought that it may also help to increase your ability to exercise and decrease the frequency and intensity of angina attacks. This medication should not be used to treat attacks of chest pain when they occur. It is acceptable for you to use other medications such as sublingual nitroglycerin to relieve attacks of chest pain. Only use these medications precisely as directed by your doctor or pharmacist or health care provider.

Before taking Tikosyn, be sure you tell your doctor or pharmacist or health care provider if you are allergic to this medication; or if you are allergic to other dihydropyridine calcium channel blockers (such as nisoldipine, nifedipine for instance) or if you think you may have any other allergies. This product may contain inactive or inert ingredients, which may cause allergic reactions or other problems. Talk to your doctor or pharmacist or health care provider for more details.
Before using this medication, always tell your doctor or pharmacist or health care provider your specific personal medical history, and particularly of a certain structural heart problem known as aortic stenosis, very low blood pressure, or if you suffer from any type of liver disease.

This drug may make you mildly to extremely dizzy. For this reason it is recommended that you do not drive motor vehicles, use any machinery, or perform any activities that require a normal level of alertness until you are sure you can perform these activities safely. It is also suggested that the user limit alcoholic beverages while taking this medication.

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