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Vitamin B12 Injection
Vitamin B12
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Vitamin B12 injection
Vitamin B12
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Vitamin B12 injection or cyanobalamin is the product of scientific experiments which is usually included in the healthy diet for men, women and children. This vitamin is very important in the cell reproduction and growth as well as with blood formation and in the synthesis of tissues and proteins. People have taken vitamin B12 on an ongoing basis to treat their pernicious anemia and other deficiencies.

Before using the injection, a person should undergo some tests to ensure a proper administration of the drug. This is very important for people who have or are: (1) Leber’s disease, (2) allergic with cobalt, (3) deficiency in iron or folic acid, (4) diseases in the liver or kidney, (5) infections, (6) medications in accordance to the bone marrow and (7) lactating and breast feeding their children. For instance, people who have Leber’s disease are in risk of having irreversible nerve damage which might lead to blindness. For the other deficiencies or illnesses, the dosage must be provided by the physician so that there will be no harmful effects.

Patients who are recommended to use Vitamin B12 injections must be able to know how to use the syringe and needles properly. The needles, for instance, must be used only once. They must be thrown away in a puncture-proof storage so as to avoid any other person from using them. The person using this type of medication must have his or her blood tested every 3 to 6 months so as to know if it is working. The tests will also determine the precise dosage of the vitamin so that it will work.
People who are using Vitamin B12 injections must avoid consuming large amounts of alcohol. People experiencing any adverse reactions to their bodies and health must go to their physicians.

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