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The product Witch-Hazel is used for the following reasons for people

When you hear the word “herbal” what comes to your mind first? We think of plants right? There are so many plants with many uses all over the world. One of those is the Witch Hazel. The name sounds scary but it was named after an association of dowsing used this plant and its healing properties are similar to witchcraft. In America, it is believed to have many uses when they use this medicine for years.

According to one of the sources of the evidence, there are more than 30 purposes of this medication that includes the treatment of burns, cancer, hemorrhoids, colds and fever. It comes in different preparations depending on the uses. For symptomatic treatment of skin problems like itching and other inflammation, it is used as topical and used as an ophthalmic for ocular irritations. In North America, Witch Hazel was traditionally used to treat tumors and eye inflammation and in Europe, they treasured this plant because of its astringent effect.

It can live for only a short period of time. Its barks, leaves and twigs are very useful. It contains procyanadins, resin and flavonoids that help work as soothing, anti-inflammatory agent that alleviates pain in hemorrhoids and it also contains chemicals known as tannins which reduces swelling; aids to repair broken skin and fights bacteria. It is also used to stop bleeding because of its hemostatic properties carried by the high concentration of tannins. When mixed with arnica, it could make an exceptional topical preparation for traumatic bruises, bumps, and sprains to alleviate pain and enhances rapid healing. Other names include snapping hazel, winter bloom, spotted alder, tobacco wood hamamelis water and Avellano de bruja.

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