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Zeniquin drug description and what Zeniquin is used to treat

Zeniquin is a man-made broad spectrum antibacterial agent that can effectively treat cats and dogs suffering from a bacterial infection of the skin or soft tissue such as periodontal disease. Zeniquin has been known to inhibit the microorganism’s DNA gyrase. It is a potent bactericidal that can be effectively used in gram negative and gram positive microorganisms.

Zeniquin can be used to treat cats and dogs, but it cannot be used in cats younger than 1 year old. The dose of Zeniquin varies, it can sometimes be computed using 1.25 mg per pound or 3.5 mg per pound. It is usually given once a day depending on the severity of the condition. Zeniquin should be taken throughout the whole treatment regimen to achieve the desired response, which is 10 to 14 days, depending on the type of infection and site of infection.

Zeniquin should be stored in a room where the temperature is only 30 degrees Celsius. Higher or lower than that temperature may alter the chemical components of the drug, which may affect the effectiveness and safety of the drug. On that same note, it should also be kept away from light and moisture and stored away from the reach of children.

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